Aviation & residential

VBH’s dedication to delivering the ultimate in Living Technology and entertainment to its clients extends beyond superyachts. Our clients can also enjoy the VBH experience in their homes and offices as well as on their private jets.

With VBH taking care of the Living Technology needs of clients within different properties, clients can enjoy the convenience and versatility that comes with having the same controls and interfaces for their audio-visual, lighting and security systems, wherever they may be.


VBH solutions also allow the automatic synchronisation of content libraries and system settings. What is done in one location is automatically copied across all the rest, ensuring a consistent, hassle-free experience. So wherever you may be, you can always have exactly what you want, just the way you want it.

If you wish to experience the very finest in audio-visual entertainment, and home automation and security systems, in one residence or more, contact us today.

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