Security systems are an important part of modern luxury yachts, giving their owners peace of mind and ensuring privacy and safety for the individual themselves, their possessions and their data. In remote or insecure locations yachts and their equipment can be seen as easy targets for theft, and those carrying valuable works of art will require additional security measures to satisfy their insurers.

VBH recognises this and offers both data and physical security systems such as electronic access control, burglar / intruder alarms and CCTV, cameras, stress pads, IR beams, motion detection systems and monitoring and control solutions. The layout of these systems may vary from simple stand-alone systems to sophisticated, completely integrated networks that control access to individual zones onboard a yacht.

Security systems can be integrated into the yacht’s general IT network, allowing real-time security information and CCTV footage to be accessed from personal devices and onboard TV screens. This adds an additional level of vigilance, particularly when not all the crew are onboard or when the yacht is on a public quay.

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • CCTV (closed circuit television)
  • Access control systems
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Online and data storage protection

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