Control Systems

Control systems act as a bridge between users and the technology that they wish to operate. VBH can implement any kind and type of user interface that the client wishes to use to operate the systems that we install.

We offer a comprehensive range of control equipment, ranging from simple push-button controls to video-enabled wireless touch panels, key pads and gesture-operated controls. VBH can also design and engineer completely customised devices.

The key to getting the most out of today’s increasingly sophisticated technology is having simple and complete control. VBH achieves this by installing integrated control systems and user interfaces that allow users to interact with all the available systems from a single device. This is achieved by combining the underlying applications into a single, smart collaborating system. Entertainment options, lighting, room temperature, TV lifts and blinds can all be modified according to user preferences or the activity that is chosen.

  • Simple yet sophisticated
  • Intuitive
  • One device controls all systems
  • A wide range of control options
  • App-based software for iOS and Android devices
  • Integrate with leading control system brands

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