Guy Sayers, On site representative 810, 2015

The VBH project engineering team for Project 810 has been  very professional , amenable and accommodating in the process of designing , installing and testing our system to the exacting wishes of our client. All involved are very excited to see the live system up and running in a few short months. This is my forth new build project  involving VBH and I think it is safe to say they are comfortably amongst the top integrators in the global superyacht AV/IT business.

Roeland Berrevoets, Project Manager, Amels, 2015

VBH is a capable partner, easy to work with, with a good understanding of how yards work and what their objectives are. At VBH they think alongside us as a yard, providing valuable input, and they are flexible and agile during the building process. Because VBH is often hired by the owner they also understand how the owner thinks and they know how to communicate effectively with him or her and their team.

Ted McCumber, Build captain, MY Savannah, 2015

The VBH team has a can-do mentality. Its members work very well together, and there is a real team spirit between them, the yard, the other subcontractors and the owner’s team. They are great fun to work with. VBH is also fully up to date with the latest technologies. When we needed to make a decision on our system integrator, an important factor for choosing for VBH was that they were already familiar with Savant and the iPad control, while others were not.

Edwin Schneider, Production Manager (Electrical), Oceanco , 2015

VBH really knows how to react to clients’ wishes, from the management level down to the guys working on site. They really have a great team spirit, they fade the borders between client and supplier, and are truly supportive. Furthermore I can say that VBH is an innovative and agile partner, their teams are able to adjust quickly if needed and this is an absolute must when designing and installing entertainment systems.