The new control app from VBH

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Pivot, the new control app from VBH

Pivot, the new control app from VBH, provides a modern and intuitive user interface for the control of onboard audio visual and cabin environment systems with a strong focus on the ultimate user experience.

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Create bespoke environments and soundscapes

With Pivot there is no need to call Tech Support to create your favourite entertainment / lighting scenarios. The Pivot interface takes you through the process step-by-step, and in minutes you can create presets to match your every mood. Or you can get a crew or family member to do it for you. You’re in control, it’s your choice! The preset scenarios can then be accessed directly via the app on a tablet, smartphone or even from the Apple Watch.

Pivot Quick access

Apple Watch Access

Pivot can be accessed via Apple Watches. In this mode it offers concise contextual controls that change depending on which device the wearer is using. Additional functionality can be added including steward call and other notifications such as time to port or cocktails on the aft deck.

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Users can now take their music or visual content with them as they move around the yacht. From the suite to the gym to the saloon, screens and speakers will come alive with the chosen content as the user enters the area and fade away as they leave.

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Pivot Quick access

Quick access

Want to switch to a new lighting scheme, or just check the temperature of the room? Pivot lets you perform popular tasks using the Quick Access button without leaving your current page.

Pulse & Pivot: ideal partners

While Pivot is the perfect control app for the VBH Pulse media delivery platform, it is also fully compatible with other audio visual on demand systems like Kaleidescape and ReQuest. Please contact us for more information.

Pulse & Pivot: companions

Pivotthe control app from VBH

PulseMedia delivery platform from VBH

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The now playing bar sits discreetly on all the pages, allowing guests to control their audio video content while accessing other services and content via the Pivot app.

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Pivot Now playing
Pivot Personalised-dashboard

Personalised dashboard

Pivot can be added with a unique dashboard

That provides valuable information about the yacht and its surroundings as well as from internet sources. The dashboard content can be configured to provide any information that the owner desires, for example his stock portfolio or news from his favorite website making it his personal and secure information page.