LuxperienceLab is the bespoke design label of VBH. We apply our design and technical knowledge of AV, IT and lighting to create unique experiences for the luxury yacht environment.

We work in close cooperation with the yard, the owner’s advisers, naval architects and designers to develop our custom installations and ensure they are an integral part of the onboard atmosphere.


Our process

Experience Design

We collect information about the style, the story and the design of the yacht, and use this as inspiration to design bespoke and personal installations that will delight and impress all those on board.

Experience Engineering

Experience Engineering is the process of taking a concept design and transforming it into a physical installation. We select the technologies that can provide the exact experience desired and then develop the complete architecture of the installation including the connections, content and interactivity.


As a part of VBH we have access to all the skills and knowledge needed to fit and integrate our installations on board luxury yachts. The LuxperienceLab team will supervise the entire production process and guarantee that the experience is delivered to the agreed specification, while the VBH team will guarantee that it is fitted and integrated to the highest standards.

Our work

Engine Room
interacting 3D information
Immersive Gaming
interacting 3D information
Interactive Elevator
Playing games onboard superyachts
Moving Lights
Interact with people passing by
Led Façade
Party venue or a work of art
Engine Room

Experience the future by interacting with projections of 3D information on the glass panels in the engine room. These windows allow visitors to view the engines safely from the walkway and double as multi-touch screens. This way your guests can retrieve information about the yacht’s systems, including real-time operational data.

Immersive Gaming

Allow your guests to take advantage of today’s HD gaming consoles by enjoying an immersive gaming experience via a video wall. Don’t just play the game, become a part of it!

Interactive Elevator

We transform the experience of using the elevator in to a dynamic and interactive journey by applying customized content on the walls of the shaft. The result is an immersive experience which can take you from the bottom of the sea to the most hidden places in space.

Moving Lights

Spaces such as staircases and elevators can become signature pieces of a yacht with the right design. New experiences can be enjoyed by creating arrays of lights that can simulate the world outside or interact with people passing by.

Led Façade

For an owners looking for a distinctive feature that will make their yacht stand out from all others, a LED Façade is a surefire solution. By making part of the superstructure the backdrop for programmable lighting and video displays, a yacht can be transformed into the perfect party venue or a work of art in its own right, visible from afar. This is the ultimate way to make a dramatic statement.



Creating and designing a unique installation is like finding a perfect gift. Remember that amazing birthday present you get every now and then? It’s the gift you end up using every day, but would never have bought yourself. That is what we create for our clients!

Yoga Mood Wall
Interactive bar
Large screen gaming
To entertain
A different view
Party big time

For someone who likes to change the ambiance of a room with the touch of a button

For someone who likes to interact in a new and exciting way

For someone who likes large screen gaming

For someone who likes to entertain

For someone who likes a different view

For someone who likes to party big time