Our service & refit approach

We provide a full range of support services throughout the life of the yacht. From regular upgrades and routine troubleshooting right up to advising on full refits, we have the resources and expertise needed to keep your lifestyle systems running at peak efficiency.

Loyal for life – our service and refit team is always there to support you

Once the yacht is delivered it is time for the owner and his guests to enjoy themselves onboard. The lifestyle systems that we design and install on board our clients’ yachts are created to enrich life on board and bring comfort and pleasure. That is why we call them collectively Living Technology.

Our dedicated service and refit team takes responsibility for monitoring and performing all necessary troubleshooting and updates, ensuring reliability and maximum performance. The team provides clients with comprehensive support, wherever they may be in the world. Providing excellent service has been at the heart of what we do for the 30 years since we were founded, and to this day we aim to build long term relationships with the owners and their crew who use the systems during the lifetime of the vessel. ‘Loyal for life’ is our philosophy, and it is something that we work to deliver every day.

24/7 support around the world

Our service and refit department offers the full range services to support a yacht, wherever it may be. Telephone support is available round the clock and this, combined with remote diagnostics, generally resolves most problems. For more complex issues technicians can be dispatched to the yacht within 24 hours.


We provide a 24/7 support service with an engineer always available via telephone. If necessary we can usually have expert assistance on board within 24 hours, whatever the location.

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VBH service hubs in key locations

Outside of the Netherlands we also maintain local offices at key hubs in Antibes, Barcelona and, from 2016, Fort Lauderdale. For yachts in those areas these facilities offer fast onboard attendance.

Problem resolution is just a phone call away

Our field service engineers together with our help desk have access to all the necessary information regarding our clients’ onboard lifestyle systems and are there to provide support and solutions either remotely or in person if required. We aim to respond rapidly to all calls and will always remain on-task until a solution is successfully implemented. Our 24/7 emergency support line ensures that a member of the team is always available to offer assistance or organise on-site attendance.

Did you know

In 2014 we installed over 110 kms of CAT 6 cable.

We can assist in the management of your spare parts

We advise on spare parts; types, quantities and storage locations. We can also provide stock management services for multiple vessels and offer competitive pricing.

Understand your new systems with VBH crew training

Much of the regular maintenance and management can be undertaken by the crew, which is both efficient and cost effective. We offer training in technical maintenance as well as in operating the systems. Our field service or specialist engineers can train crew to be completely familiar with the systems onboard and to be proficient in troubleshooting the most common issues that may arise.

Let us help you access the media content that you want

To enhance your experience onboard we offer a one-stop-shop for all content (music, movies, games etc, stored and streaming) and connectivity (satellite, mobile telecoms, Wi-Fi etc) requirements.

Getting connected – we have the solutions you need

VBH offers a wide range of software solutions, such as proxy servers for internet connections so that the yacht is not completely dependent on expensive satellite connections when it is in harbour or sailing in inshore waters.

Regular maintenance and updates keep the show on the road

Once a yacht’s lifestyle systems have been installed, they benefit greatly from regular attention. In the rapidly changing world of AV entertainment and IT, updates, modifications and maintenance are essential to keep systems up-to-date and running smoothly and securely.

VBH offers its clients preventative maintenance services that can be delivered both on board and remotely. This service minimises the possibility of system failures as issues can be addressed before they affect operability.

Refit survey and execution

A refit affords an excellent opportunity to upgrade to the very latest technology, introducing systems that add to the pleasure of being on board. VBH has a team of experienced refit project managers and technicians that can advise on all aspects of AV/IT upgrades as part of a wider refit. Issues such as the best upgrade options, their implementation on board an existing yacht and achieving this within tight time frames can all form part of the discussions.

The VBH refit team operates worldwide, executing each refit either with VBH professionals or in cooperation with local companies.

TV SUBSCRIPTIONS wherever you may be

VBH offers a comprehensive, worldwide service for the provision of satellite TV subscriptions.

With a clear focus on meeting our clients’ wishes, we:

  • identify the best subscriptions and equipment for all kinds of TV services
  • arrange the contracts with the suppliers and take care of activation
  • maintain contact with the providers for system updates and maintenance support.

We provide full support and troubleshooting services for both the subscription packages and their associated hardware.

For simplified administration, we also offer invoicing via a single itemised bill. This covers all the subscriptions on board a yacht for each selected period. For added convenience, clients deal with a single individual for all their various TV subscriptions. VBH charges a (re-)activation and support fee per subscription period per contract.

We work closely with many providers including SKY UK Offshore and DirecTV Trinidad & Tobago.

Did you know

In 2014 our staff flew a total of 3.57 million kilometres, which equates to 89 times around the world.

AIRTIME CONTRACTS – we’ll help you find the options that fulfill your needs

We work with leading specialists including MTN, OmniAccess and Imtech Connect, as well as with other providers if required. We identify the needs of each yacht based on factors including the expected number of people on board, their estimated usage and the yacht’s itinerary, and then search the marketplace to find the most suitable and cost effective solutions.

As an Airtime specialist system integrator we are committed to being objective and transparent, and to providing our customers with choices and reliable advice on all the products and services available.

We are partnering with Imtech Connect for the rollout of the new Global Xpress network from Inmarsat. This offers faster data speeds and global coverage. GX will provide Ka band via a single operator, complemented by Fleet Broadband. Imtech Connect is working closely with Inmarsat and we are looking forward to the network going global in early 2016.