Our build approach

Working alongside the yard to install cables and the hardware followed by ensuring full integration with all associated systems. Finally, commissioning and testing to ensure that your lifestyle systems run smoothly.

Supporting our clients through integrated project management

We use a tailored management approach that aligns with the overall yacht build process. We plan our logistical, purchase, resource, engineering and installation processes in such a way that they support and optimise the overall build process and planning of the yard.

Our on-site offices guarantee the best possible service

Currently we are active at 11 yards and maintain an on-site office at each. This enables us to work effectively with the yard, the owners’ teams and other subcontractors, and to be flexible throughout the build process.

We offer unrivalled experience

With more than 30 years’ experience in the yachting industry our teams of expert engineers, programmers and installers have an unrivalled wealth of experience when it comes to working on board yachts. We have completed over 200 projects ranging in length from 50m to over 150m in yards around the world. Designing and installing AV/IT systems for yachts requires specialist knowledge quite different to that needed for residential properties. Examples of this include:

  • Class regulations
  • Integration with complex on board systems: navigation, engine management, communications etc
  • Space management: as fully enclosed, self-sufficient units with many complex systems, space on yachts is always at a premium whatever its size. Our experience allows us to manage the challenges presented by specific space requirements and limitations.
  • Cable management: installing cabling on board yachts is a specialised business. It is tightly regulated to ensure safety, and space is always limited. VBH ensures that each yacht has the most compact solutions available while at the same time meeting the owners present and future bandwidth requirements.
  • Telecommunications: reliable and secure communications for both voice and data are critical for any yacht. Proper installation to ensure good reception at all times requires specialist knowledge, and our VSAT and TFRO experts have the training and experience to ensure that the yacht is always linked in to the wider world, wherever it may be.
  • Wi-Fi coverage: most yachts contain a good deal of steel and aluminium, and this can obstruct Wi-Fi signals. To counter this we install a much greater number of Wi-Fi access points than would be normal in a building to ensure consistent reception, but they need to be carefully positioned so that they do not interfere with each other. Our engineers are experienced in analysing the layouts of yachts to ensure that complete, interference-free, Wi-Fi coverage is achieved.

Good communication ensures flexibility and responsiveness

Flexibility and responsiveness are vital when designing and installing lifestyle systems. By collaborating as closely as possible with the yard and the owners’ teams we provide valuable input during the build process and are willing and able to respond quickly to changes in the specification that may occur as the build progresses. Along with everyone else involved,¬†we are committed to contributing to as smooth a building process as possible.

T-shirts are handed out per year
Did you know

How can you recognize a VBH team member? By their colorful VBH T-shirt!

Our long term supplier partnerships give us a competitive advantage

We are proud to have built long term partnerships with leading manufacturers from right across the AV, IT, security and communications sectors over the 30 years that we have been active in the yachting industry. As well as ensuring that we get the best terms and after-sales support for our customers this also helps us keep at the forefront of technical developments and be among the first to find out about emerging technologies and their capabilities.

Testing & commissioning

We run rigorous testing (cable and antenna testing, Wi-Fi surveys, and factory acceptance tests) on our systems prior to delivery to ensure that they will operate to specification. This, in combination with prefabrication where possible, results in the delivery of integrated systems without cost overruns and enables a quicker finish of the interiors. Once a vessel is completed we operate strict testing and commissioning protocols to ensure that everything is 100% under the supervision of the project manager, who will continue to be responsible for the project into the warranty phase. We also offer crew training so that they can easily manage and maintain the system once operational.